Biomarker Solutions



Molecular Biomarkers

While the core competence of Pharmaimage is in the field of neuroimaging and electrophysiology, we also support investigations with molecular biomarkers, in particular, we provide a large population-based reference database and take care of the required infrastructure (e.g. storage and transportation).

  • The reference database (and biobank) is from the same subjects like the imaging and neurophysiological data. It includes blood and plasma samples (and CSF from a subgroup) for genetic, gene expression (mRNA/miRNA), metabolic and immunological marker investigations, as well as for the investigation of neurodegenerative markers and markers to assess blood-brain function among others. The reference database and state-of-the art biobank is continuously expanded (currently N > 3000 healthy adult subjects across all age ranges.
  • For biobanking and molecular investigations, Pharmaimage closely works together with additional partners. Preferred partners are Atlas Biolabs and Immundiagnostik ( among others. Atlas offers a wide range of Omics platforms, next generation sequencing (NGS) capabilities. Close cooperations also exist with a number of academic research labs across Europe which allows us to include sophisticated biomarkers in the study design.

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