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Among functional biomarkers, electrophysiology (EEG) is the work horse in CNS drug research. EEG is highly sensitive to drug effects and it is a classic "translational" biomarker because it allows a direct comparison between (small) animals and humans. An additional advantage is that test-retest reliability is high and that center measurement effects are negligible in multicenter settings. Most importantly, EEG is highly sensitive to detect drug effects.

  • We offer:
  • Standard EEG with 32-channel EEG systems from Brain Products (BrainAmp DC®). Upon request, amplifiers with up to 64 channel recordings can be provided as well.
  • Study set-up and EEG-data acquisition incl. QC/monitoring (in established multicenter settings)
  • Data analysis: clinical EEG evaluation, power spectra, vigilance staging, spectral coherence, source localization (LORETA), event-related potentials (ERPs): P50, N100, MMN, P300 incl. time-frequency analyses
  • Pharmaco-EEG: established subanesthetic ketamine challenge, nicotine challenge
  • Normal reference database: N > 3000. Patient reference database (Schizophrenia, MCI, ADHD): > 800
  • Special offer: Simultaneous EEG with functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) (see Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging)

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